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Helping People

You are a massage or manual therapist. You are in the business of helping people.  If you are like most therapists I have met over the years, then you probably feel frustrated and uncertain about pain science and how this relates to your practice.

Understanding Evidence

Applying research knowledge to clinical practice is tough.  Today, with all the social media platforms and numerous online discussion groups, it’s hard to keep up with the flow of information and even more difficult to know what to pay attention to.

Toolbox Approach

Many therapists believe that to be a better clinician, to obtain more knowledge, and to become an evidence based therapist they have to learn all the techniques, become better at assessments, learn complex treatment protocols or memorize more anatomy.


Your stellar track-record as a therapist PROVES that you are more than capable of that goal. You KNOW you are here to change lives for the better.

However, you sometimes question your knowledge and abilities when you treat those chronic pain patient's who simply won't get better . . .

Any of these apply to you?

  • You constantly feel like you need to take just one more course, so you keep attending courses, learning and refining various hands on and assessment techniques.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the research and discussions you see on social media, and you feel uncertain about what this all means and how to apply it to your clinic.
  • You are fearful of changing your practice, because you don’t know how your patients are going to react if you start communicating and treating differently.
  • You feel rushed and pressured, never having enough time to take all the courses you are interested in, read articles, or discuss treatment options with your colleagues.

Did you answer yes to one of the questions above?

Don't worry, it is not your fault. This happens with everyone.

This is what I have constantly been told over the past 6 years teaching my courses to massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopathic practitioners, occupational therapists, and numerous other healthcare professionals across North America and the United Kingdom.

Nobody can be the best at everything, not me and not you. But, we can strive to keep learning with the desire to be the best evidence informed therapist possible.

I want you to become the best version of yourself!

And, I am determined to help you on your journey.

Meet Eric.

The founder of Eric Purves Professional Education. He is dedicated to the advancement of the massage therapy profession. Eric has been a member of PainBC's educational faculty since 2016 and has been teaching evidence based courses with a focus on current pain science applications to healthcare professionals across the world.

Having been personally impacted by inadequate healthcare treatments for those who live with chronic pain, Eric pursued his masters of rehabilitation science from the University of British Columbia with the objective of adapting the current educational curriculum for RMTs and to establish a more evidence based treatment and management paradigm for musculoskeletal healthcare professionals.

Eric has presented his courses and research to professional associations, private and public colleges, universities and thousands of clinicians across the world. His articles have been published in professional and academic journals.


This comprehensive self-directed online course gives you the complete knowledge base and practical package for everything you need to know to transform your practice and to elevate your clinical effectiveness by giving you the necessary skills, confidence and strategies to help those suffering with either acute or complex pain presentations.


Limited intake of new learners per year!


The Evidence Based Revolution is Here!

The evidence based revolution is quickly gaining momentum. Understanding and adopting current evidence is the ethical obligation we all owe to our patients. As a regulated healthcare professional you want to keep up with a constantly changing evidence based landscape. 

How can you do that when you have precious little free time? 

This course, An Evidence Based Approach to Pain Management for Massage Therapists is your solution.  My team will bring quality evidence and best practice information to you so you can stay relevant in your knowledge and be a leader in your profession, your clinic and the community.

Effective Pain Care.

Learners gain foundational knowledge and learn how to apply the key principles of effective biopsychosocial musculoskeletal care through lectures, demonstrations, active and passive practical activities.


Science of Pain

You will learn the important neurophysiology of nociception and the pain experience. Understand how touch and movement can impact the pain system.


Clinically Relevant Research

Explore relevant research evidence which you can use to make better clinical decisions for your patients.


Interview Skills

Become confident and flexible with your communication and interview skills. Learners are given a step by step framework to follow which increases therapeutic alliance and trust.


Manual and Movement Interventions

Demonstrations and suggestions are provided that will simplify your clinical approach to care and enable more predictable outcomes.


Supportive Self-Management Strategies

Evidence-based self care strategies are highlighted through the use of case-studies

Testimonials from previous learners


Tina-RMT (Toronto, Ont)

"You have put together one of the most excellent and relevant continuing ed courses I have taken so far. I can immediately integrate this into my practice and you have given me more confidence in my treatments!"


Jennifer-RMT (Vancouver, BC)

"You have taken all the tricky science stuff and made it digestible and have given me the tools to talk about this in a fun and exciting way.  Your enthusiasm and excitement for this content is contagious!"

Meaghan-RMT (Nanaimo, BC)

"Eric’s course is extremely well presented. The information is well researched and current. His course challenges your thought process as he encourages us to grow and progress our careers. His courses have hugely changed my massage therapy practice for the better! "


4 Step-by-Step Training Modules:

  • Science of pain
  • Pain neurophysiology
  • Pain models
  • Impacts of pain on individuals and society
  • Evidence based reasoning frameworks for acute and chronic pain
  • Contextual treatment effects
  • Conducting a biopsychosocial interview
  • Therapeutic alliance
  • Communication strategies and changing language
  • Psychologically informed practice parameters
  • Assessment skills
  • Graded exposure and movement modifiers
  • Manual skills for low back, pelvis, hips, shoulder and neck
  • Tendinopathy and rehab progression principles
  • Treatment fundamentals, learn to maximize your effectiveness
  • Case studies
  • Interviews with real patients to appreciate their experiences
  • This is over 16 hours of instructional material!

Live Webinars

  • Receive ongoing support during your learning journey with monthly Q and A and review of important material

Lifetime Access

  • Learners receive access to all past, current and future content
  • Course is updated multiple times per year with new information and practical exercises

Private discussion group

  • Dedicated members only Facebook group with past and current learners



  • YOU! The evidence based massage therapist!
  • This program is catered towards what you do in your clinic everyday!!!
  • For the past 8 years I have worked hard to help hundreds of massage and manual therapists across the world become more evidence informed healthcare providers in the treatment and management of acute and complex pain presentations
  • I have seen the struggle that therapists have trying to navigate the current evidence and asking themselves, how do I apply this to my clinic?
  • It is for this reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as possible so I can help you to help others ASAP!

Ok, how much is my investment?

This course will help you get the results you desire.

This is a small investment in yourself, your clientele and your community. I know this course will help you to make a bigger impact . . . by creating a thriving practice that consistently helps people achieve their wellness and healthcare goals.

This is a transformation that frees you from the confusion of navigating the evidence based universe alone. The material contained within this course will empower you to become a leader amongst your professional and personal colleagues.

This material is EXACTLY what I teach in my 4 separate live courses, for $2400. But, you get all that material, with my ongoing support and lifetime access for over 66% off!

Because I am committed to making the information accessible to as many therapists as possible so you can deliver high level care to those who need it. . .

I've decided to reduce the price during this yearly promotion and you can begin your learning journey today for just,






Are YOU in?




- I’m going to give you 6 months to try Evidence Based Pain Management and prove to yourself that it’ll deliver the information and results you are looking for. 

- If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact me,, and I will refund your investment.

- But, full disclosure, there is only one condition. You have to complete the course and show to me that you did the work. The reason is simple . . . nothing works unless you use it.


- if you think there's a slight chance this course can benefit you, enrol today

- I am confident that the content within this course will help you to become a better therapist as long as you do the work

- if you're committed to taking action, to learn, and to try the strategies and principles I am giving you, then this course is for you!

- I am making this offer to attract the most committed and passionate individuals within our profession


Which means you get all new versions of this course.

Plus . . . You get these bonuses

Modern Management of Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Free access to this mini-course!

A $167 value.

This 3 hour course explores the current research and best practices for the assessment, treatment and management of lower back and pelvic pain presentations.

Features an assessment and treatment demonstration


Science Based Massage Therapy: Applying Research to Practice

Free access to my mini-course.

A $157 value.

This course explores the scientific process from asking better questions, searching for, interpreting and using research in your practice


When you invest in Evidence Based Pain Management for MTs you get instant access to 4 in depth training modules (this is over 30 hours of instructional material !) - videos, workbooks, practical demonstrations and exercises that can transform your mindset, clinical reasoning, and treatment outcomes

  • Plus you get lifetime access to all the past, current and future videos, research and resources
  • 4 group coaching sessions to answer your questions, clear up uncertainty and keep you motivated and on track
  • First month free access to the Manual and Movement Therapists Community
  • My 2 free mini courses, Modern Management of Lower Back and Pelvic Pain and Science Based Massage Therapy: Applying Research to Practice
  • Private members only Facebook group for discussion with past and current learners
  • Discounts to future in-person or webinar courses


If you already know that you want to have a greater impact with your patients and become a leader in the evidence informed pain management community, then the choice is obvious. Join us inside the Evidence Based Pain Management for MT online course community and continue your transformation to become the best clinician you know you can be.

Please choose quickly as this registration won't be open forever . . . Limited spaces are available.

I do limited intakes for new learners, only 2 x per year, so I can spend the time dedicated to helping current students

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform yourself, your business and the lives of your patients.

With the right mindset, knowledge and support, you can transform your life and the lives of your patients and community.

My team and I are there to help you along your journey.

Join us today and become a leader within the evidence based community!

Eric's courses are practical, relevant and stimulating. I think all health care practitioners should be required to update their knowledge and take part in courses like his. Eric’s courses provide up to date, evidence based research and force you to think about the bigger picture contributing to one’s health, rather than just looking from a physiological standpoint. I have taken 3 of Eric’s courses already, and I intend on taking more, as I learn and grow as a practitioner each and every time! Take one of Eric’s courses and I promise, you will not regret it!

- Liat S. RMT (Owner Brio Massage Therapy)


Is this course approved for continuing education credits?

Yes, this course is available for educational credits throughout Canada, CMTBC, MTAA, NHPC, MTAS, MTAM, MTANB, MTANS, CMTNL, CMTPEI, CMTO STRIVE in Ontario, the NCBTMB in the United States as well as PD credits in the UK, New Zealand and South Africa. Please contact me directly for any specific credit related questions,

I am just getting started in the profession, and I still have so much to learn, is this course still a good fit for me?

Yes, if you are a new or experienced therapist the information contained within this course will be extremely useful to help you along your educational and practical skills journey.

I don't have a clinic anymore and I teach full-time in a massage school. How will this course benefit me?

Getting this information into the educational system would result in a massive paradigm shift that would elevate the quality of education students receive, and it would result in better quality patient care. The earlier therapists and student therapists receive this information, the easier it is to incorporate into their practices.

This sounds like it might be too overwhelming.  Do I have to participate in every webinar?

This course is designed for you to take your time. It is not a sprint to the finish. You have lifetime access to all the content. Additionally, each live webinar is recorded and uploaded to the course site so there is no need to feel stressed about attending our live events.

I am really bad with technology.  Do I need to be tech savvy?

No. All you need is the internet. You can access this material an a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It only takes a few clicks to log in and access the content. If there is any tech concerns you can always contact me through my email,

What can I expect once I enrol?

Once completing your order, you will receive an email with your login details and specific instructions on how to access the course. A course receipt is autogenerated and sent to your email.

Can my colleague or business partner go through this course with me?

Yes! I encourage it. One other person can join you at no extra cost. I understand the power of working and learning as a team, and I would love to see you learn collectively.

Isn't this information already available for free on social media or YouTube?

What makes this course unique is this practice inspiring information and the practical applications was created specifically for the massage and manual therapist. The information is delivered within the unique scope, culture, patient expectations and practice setting that exists for our profession.


The massage therapy profession has an amazing opportunity to become the leaders in evidence based pain management for musculoskeletal care. We need a critical mass of passionate, educated clinicians so we can drive our profession forward to realize its true potential.